Exercise Motivation

Exercise Motivation Tips for the Unmotivated

There are many benefits to exercising however for many people getting motivated to exercise seems to be a challenge. To help understand the benefits...
Cardio Workout

Achieving Fitness With My Weekly and Monthly Fitness Routines

I find that variety is important in any fitness routine. In addition, fitness is a journey, not a destination. In my pursuit of fitness,...
fitness routine that works

My Fitness Routine

As a preface to the details of my routine, let me first state that I am a 55 year old male that can still...
fitness routine

A Simple Weekly Fitness Routine Works Wonders in the Long Run

With the amount of stress that we undergo in our day to day life, it is necessary to include a regular fitness regime to...
Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer Perspective: How We’re Keeping Fit

Our family has always made it a priority to eat right and get plenty of exercise. When we were younger, riding our bikes and...

Gardening for a Fit Body and Mind

Medical and fitness gurus are finally recognizing gardening as an excellent exercise. Veteran gardeners, of course, have long known they get a full-body workout...

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