How to Build Your Calf Leg Muscles

Working out at the gym can be tough work. Guys who work out always want to get a bigger chest and bigger biceps. However,...

Jazzercise: Is it the Right Exercise Program for You?

When I first heard there were Jazzercise classes just down the road from my house, my first thought was: "Oh, Jazzercise. How '70s." But...
Exercise Motivation

Exercise Motivation Tips for the Unmotivated

There are many benefits to exercising however for many people getting motivated to exercise seems to be a challenge. To help understand the benefits...
Cardio Workout

Achieving Fitness With My Weekly and Monthly Fitness Routines

I find that variety is important in any fitness routine. In addition, fitness is a journey, not a destination. In my pursuit of fitness,...
Arm Exercises

The Gentlest Forms of Arm Exercises for Anyone with Ulcerative Colitis

Exercise is highly recommended for those suffering from ulcerative colitis. Of course, choose the gentlest form of exercise. Yoga is always a great choice,...
fitness routine that works

My Fitness Routine

As a preface to the details of my routine, let me first state that I am a 55 year old male that can still...
Friendly Exercises

Crohn’s-Friendly Exercises: Should You Run?

Ask 10 patients with Crohn's disease whether running is good exercise for them, and you'll get at least 12 answers. That's because several will...
Keeping Fit

Exercise While You Sit at Your Desk

Those who sit at a desk at work, or at a coffee table at home, may not be getting enough exercise to maintain their...

A Healthy Change that Works for Me

I never had a weight problem, and I don't want to say I have one now, but I have added pounds on quickly since...
fitness routine

A Simple Weekly Fitness Routine Works Wonders in the Long Run

With the amount of stress that we undergo in our day to day life, it is necessary to include a regular fitness regime to...

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