In this article I will guide you throught the best muscle building exercises. Following these tips and performing these exercises you can build the body you want! I will explain only the must-do exercises, if you feel that hose are not enough then try some isolation exercises for the particular muscle you are working on!
Deadlifts – First thing you do is think over your technique and scratch in you mind that your back must be straight at all costs! To do this lift you must stand behind loaded bar, but for the first times go for really light weights, just to feel this exercise. Bend over the bar and grab it, start lifting with strait back and watching up (this will help you to feel your back). The lift ends when you have straight legs, arms straight down. Return to the starting position, if you are training for strength then lower the bar quite quickly, but if you are building the summer body – lower the bar slowly.

Bench Press – Yes, I know that you like this one. Lie down on the bench, under loaded bar. Lower the bar to your chest, approximately at the nipple line, press back up. The most common mistake about this exercises is that people usually locks elbows out, this is wrong because when you are working with big weight you can injure your elbow joint, because the arm will lock out too far (and that will surely hurt!).

Squats – Ever heard about testosterone? Thats not steroid, that human hormone. Testo makes our muscle grow bigger. One way of boosting testosterone is injecting steroids (not recommended) and the other way is heavy squats! When performing a squat our body goes into some king of rage and pumps the blood level up! You will feel it when doing your last heavy set repetition! When squatting always keep your back straight and stand on full feet.

Military Press – Best possible exercise for shoulders. This exercise will develop most of the stabilization muscles and develop good posture and core strength.

Some advices for you:
-Always ask a person to help you when performing squats and deadlift.
-Always do the exercises with perfect form.
-Always be serious about your training session.
-Never overdo yourself.
-Never bother others.

If you will keep all this in mind and keep your training routines constant you will surely get the body you want. You will be your personal hero!


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