With several diets on the market, many people still turn to a traditional low fat or fat free diet because it gives a larger variety of food choices, and also includes carbohydrates and sugars. Personally, I have seen this diet work over time, however, it takes a dedicated person to switch their taste buds and adjust the aweful tastes of some labeled fat-free foods. The fact of the matter is, if a person cannot bear the taste of a fat free ranch dressing, chances are, they won’t stomach it and relapse by eating a tablespoon of regular ranch which contains over 10 grams of fat. In order for this type of diet to be successful, one must learn how to make low fat foods taste delicious.

If you are overweight, chances are that you are a butter lover. You cook everything in butter and often enjoy fried foods on a daily basis. An immediate change in your diet must include ridding yourself from this fatty product. The key to doing this is to find a butter substitute that will actually taste like your normal brand. Unfortunately, you will have to throw your sticks of blue bonnet in the garbage, because the only sensible alternative is a spray butter. From my own experiences, I have found that the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray-brand provides the same taste and textures as regular butter. Instead of frying your eggs in a mound of grease, spray a few rounds of butter and you will achieve the same tastes without numerous grams of fat.

Spray butter is also a good tool to help other foods taste better. Simple foods like egg beaters, which have a different taste than your normal egg, can be unbearable at times. By spraying butter, and adding salt and pepper to the finished product, it makes a world of difference. Not only are you saving yourself 5 grams of fat/per egg by eating egg beaters, but you can also make breakfast an enjoyable experience. The same goes for bland foods like chicken. Spray butter on a finished product and it makes it a little more bearable to consume. Assume that you are using 5 tablespoons a day of real butter. You have just consumed enough grams of fat for three days. By using spray butters, you can enjoy more of the foods you love and love to hate, without the worry of breaking your diet.


Some may say that the foods they love are the same foods that led them to rapid weight gains. Ask yourself, is it really the foods or the way you prepared the foods. Being a kid at heart, I could not bear the thought of erasing macaroni and cheese from my diet. I noticed that it was only a couple grams of fat before preperation, but after you added the necessary ingredients the grams were very high. In fact, high enough for a two day allowance. Be sensible and make the boxed product with skim milk and spray butter. Yuk, I know, I hate skim milk too! The truth is, in products like macaroni and cheese you cannot tell the difference because the powdered cheese erases any bitter taste. Not only will you have the same tasting product, but you just allowed yourself to reduce the fat intake and enjoy your other normal meals, without the guilt of cheating.

If you are a cake lover, you necessarily do not have to give up your sweat treat addiction. By replacing the oil and eggs with spray butter and applesauce, you can bake your dessert, and eliminate the products that actually make this treat loaded with fat. You will also notice that your product seems a little more moist and actually better tasting.

Enjoy more of your favorite foods like tacos by using spray coatings to cook the meat, switching to a lean ground beef (believe me, you won’t know the difference), and adding low fat shredded cheeses. This can mean a difference of almost 20 grams of fat per serving. Notice, also, that I mentioned low-fat shredded cheeses. I would not recommend fat-free cheeses because they are aweful tasting. I have tried every brand on the market and have yet to find one that has a pleasant taste. If you really want to take the chance, it may cause relapse in your diet. By using low fat cheeses made from 2% milk, you are getting the same taste, but with half the worries of breaking your diet.

Basically, to reiterate myself, you can still enjoy the foods you love and keep them on your menu. Mash Potatos: No problem! Use spray butter and low fat milk to make the same tasting product. Oh, but you have to have pierogies? No Problem! The pierogies are actually low fat, but become high in grams when you add the butter. Be sensible and replace your butter product to enjoy your favorite food and tastes with less the worries. Anyways, I think you get the point!


Just because you have replaced ingredients and switched to healthier foods does not mean you can eat as much of a product, as you want. Be observent and figure out how many grams of fat are listed, per serving. Pierogies may be 1 gram of fat a piece. Be sensible and do not eat 25 pierogies. Limit yourself to 3-5 and allow yourself another 20 grams on other foods you enjoy. Many people feel the need to eat a whole package of fat free cookies and really don’t understand that the fat free factors lose effect after about the fourth cookie.

To avoid over eating, plan your menu ahead. You will be able to count your grams in advance and put structure in your diet. Many people are visual when it comes to learning and succeeding. If you know ahead of time what you can consume, chances are you will make your diet a daily habit. It becomes more of a goal, encouraging you to succeed.


Lastly, I recommend having a cheat day. Some tabloids and magazines are against the idea, however, I look at a cheat day as being a reward for my hard efforts. Let’s face it, people slip up. If there is an actual day allowing a person to slip up, they are less likely to relapse on a daily basis. By eating sensibly on a daily basis, reward yourself with a Mcdonald’s burger on Sunday. It is a motivational factor than can actually help get you through your week. Personally, I noticed that I tend to stick to my low fat eating habits on my cheat day, after I have one delicious, but unhealthy food.

Don’t give up, and consider yourself lucky that you can still eat many of the same foods. If you hate fat free dressings replace them with vinegar/oil instead of forcing yourself to eat the gross tasting replicas. If you can learn to prepare and eat foods you enjoy, chances are, you will successfully maintain your diet. If you turn to foods you hate the taste of, only because they are labeled fat free, you are more likely to give up on your diet.


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