fitness routine

With the amount of stress that we undergo in our day to day life, it is necessary to include a regular fitness regime to our routine. I would not call myself a Fitness freak but I do enjoy my exercises at the fitness center and do not like to miss out on my workout sessions.

My weekly fitness routine was designed specifically for my body requirements by the qualified instructors at the fitness center. There are periodical checks and every month my instructor decides the variations I need to introduce in my routine. According to him, our body tends to reach a plateau if we keep on doing the same set of exercise every day. Therefore a modification which is best suited for an individual is designed every month which also makes exercising fun.

Cardio and abdomen exercises are a part of my daily workout plan. After a minute of warm up I do 20 minutes of Cardio exercises. These exercises involve 5 minutes on the Treadmill, 5 minutes of Elliptical, 5 minutes of Cycling and 5 minutes on the Stepper. Variation in crunches form a part of my abdomen exercises.

I work on the upper body and lower body on alternate days. Lower body exercises include Leg raises, Lunges, Squats, Leg extension, Leg Curls, Leg press machine etc. I do 3 reps of 10 counts each. Upper body exercises include Bicep curls, Bench press, Triceps extension, Wall push-ups, Dumbbell lateral raises, Dumbbell fly, Shoulder press etc. I do 2 reps of 12 counts each.

This pretty much sums up my fitness routine on a weekly basis. Not only does this routine make my body feel energetic all through the day but keeps my mind active as well. I tend to go to the fitness center every morning before work. I do admit that there are days when I want to sleep a little longer in the morning but I make it a point to pull myself out. Knowing how well my entire day will be spent with just an hour of workout gives me the will to go to the gym.

Working out regularly has made me calmer and more disciplined. It helps me deal with daily issues with ease. Earlier I would feel lethargic and irritable very often but ever since I started with this regular fitness routine, my life seems to be balanced.

Introducing a balanced diet into my lifestyle and sleeping on time has also benefitted me. All of this is under the advice of professional trainers. It is always advisable to follow professional consultation before you begin a fitness routine as they will guide you in the best direction possible.


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