I never had a weight problem, and I don’t want to say I have one now, but I have added pounds on quickly since turning 50 years old. It isn’t only me, it is many of my friends or family that I know who are in the same age category as me with an exceptional few.
I know my metabolism has slowed down, which really bothers me as I am the type of person who can’t sit still long enough. I need to be busy and I am always doing something. I started to do a few things to help get me some exercise and to keep in shape.

If I have the TV on, then I will get up and jog in place for 5 minutes. Then maybe, in a half hour or so I will get up and do it again. Or I will do some exercises such as waist bends, or touching my toes, or arm exercises, leg kicks, jumping jacks etc. I started with 5 each and then I go to 10 each and so forth. I build myself up to what I can handle.

Another thing I do, and I did this when I was young, was turn on the stereo and dance. Dancing for 10 minutes is a good workout for me. My adult kids laugh at me and so do the grandkids, but that is OK with me. Sometimes I will go a half hour dancing. I am seriously trying to stay in shape as best I can. Dancing is a good way to go.

Then in the evening, at least 4 -5 times a week, my husband and I will walk around the local park which is 1.5 miles. I really enjoy that. We feel better after we walk. Not to mention we talk, laugh and build a better bond between us. So just doing this little things really have helped.

I went to the doctor in December and in March when I went back, I had lost 9 pounds. So it is working. I must add that I won’t eat anything after 7 PM either. All these things together have made a real difference. I just need to keep doing it. It is good for my health!


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