Weight loss story: ” I lost 15 kilos by following 16/8 Intermittent Fasting diet plan and core exercises”


I used to be following Intermittent fasting utilizing the 16/8 technique and my consuming window was between 12 pm and eight pm. So my meals have been as follows:

Breakfast-Had my first meal after 12 pm when my window started which was 3 egg whites with 3 brown bread toasts (with out butter) / 1 massive bowl of Poha with roasted peanuts / Sandwich made from Salad

Lunch- Had a small lunch between 3.30 and 4.30 pm consisting of a cup of heat milk (with out sugar) with a fistful of almonds and cashews with an apple.

Dinner- Had my dinner at 7.30 pm which was 2 bowls of any daal with 1 entire wheat roti, 1 bowl of curd and 1 cucumber

Pre-workout snack- I had a cup of inexperienced tea within the morning after waking up earlier than beginning my exercise and had one other cup of inexperienced tea earlier than sleeping

Submit-workout snack- Didn’t have something after exercise because it was completed early within the morning and my consuming window didn’t start till 12 midday

What have been my cheat meals like? My 8 hour consuming window was too small to have a cheat meal. Sometimes I might eat 2 paranthas with butter for breakfast if I wished a cheat meal

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: If I used to be hungry I might eat a bowl of oatmeal with my afternoon glass of milk and dry fruits are low calorie choice for filling up

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