“Cut out all sugar, processed grains and vegetable oils if you want to heal your body” – Dr Shawn Baker MD, Author of ‘The Carnivore Diet’


    It’s not typically you discover a very match and wholesome 6-foot 5 multisport elite degree athlete in his 50’s who solely consumes meat. 2kg a day to be exact. Did I neglect to say that he’s additionally an Orthopaedic surgeon and a US Veteran?

    Meet Dr Shawn Baker! 

    He’s thought-about by many to be the ‘founding father of the Carnivore Eating regimen, and in contrast to most MD’s, Dr Baker has actively been pursuing a novel methodology of trialling strict elimination diets to assist sufferers combat persistent illness, with a lot success!

    Dr Shawn Baker, age 56, customers 2 kilograms of meat per day

    Dr Baker can be the creator of the bestselling guide “The Carnivore Diet” and CEO of MeatRx. MeatRx is a web-based Well being teaching and help platform the place sufferers are assisted by regaining their well being by means of a meat-based weight loss program. It additionally offers entry to help teams, teaching and recipes. Dr Baker and his colleagues have personally witnessed a whole bunch of individuals remedy or reverse persistent joint ache, psychological well being points, diabetes, autoimmune points, pores and skin well being, intestine well being and intestine points, weight problems, and extra with a strict Carnivore elimination weight loss program.

    "Cut out all sugar, processed grains and vegetable oils if you want to heal your body" - Dr Shawn Baker MD, Author of 'The Carnivore Diet’ 2

    The Carnivore Eating regimen has come below the highlight not too long ago with what looks like probably the most outstanding and dramatic story of a whole remedy from years of struggling by Canadian Mikhaila Peterson (daughter of psychology professor, scientific psychologist and creator Jordan Peterson). Mikhaila had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that was so extreme she’d had three joint replacements (a hip and two ankles) earlier than age 17.

    She additionally had excessive fatigue, nervousness and despair. In 2015 she started eliminating meals to see if a particular meals was contributing to her autoimmune points. She ended up consuming simply beef, salt and water — and all her signs disappeared.

    mikhaila Peterson and carnivore diet
    Mikhaila Peterson believes her signs of rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue, nervousness and despair have disappeared by following the Carnivore Eating regimen

    So, what’s the Carnivore Eating regimen? The Carnivore Eating regimen is a restrictive weight loss program that solely permits the consumption of meat, fish, and different animal meals like eggs and sure dairy merchandise.

    It excludes all different meals, together with fruits, greens, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. Nevertheless, there are totally different ‘ranges’ to the carnivore weight loss program which ranges in restrictiveness.

    Its advocates additionally advocate eliminating or limiting dairy consumption to meals which might be low in lactose — a sugar present in milk and dairy merchandise — equivalent to butter and exhausting cheeses.

    The Carnivore Eating regimen stems from the considerably controversial perception that human ancestral populations (For instance Cavemen and the Inuit) ate principally meat and fish and that high-carb diets are responsible for at this time’s excessive charges of persistent illness.

    Different fashionable low-carb diets, just like the keto and paleo diets, restrict however don’t exclude carb consumption. Nevertheless, the Carnivore Eating regimen goals for zero carbs.

    The place did the Carnivore Eating regimen originate from and the way did it develop to be so fashionable?

    The weight loss program may be traced to the German author, Bernard Moncriff, creator of The Philosophy of the Abdomen: Or, An Solely Animal Eating regimen, in 1856. Within the twenty first century, fad dieters reported following excessive variations of the weight loss program the place solely crimson meat, salt and water had been consumed.

    That is the strictest type of the Carnivore Eating regimen, the likes of which esteemed psychologist and author Jordan Peterson have sworn by curing them of a debilitating illness.

    Some examples of ethnic minority teams who survive (and thrive) off simply meat:

    • The Inuit of the Canadian Arctic thrived on fish, seal, walrus and whale meat.
    • The Chukotka of the Russian Arctic lived on caribou meat, marine animals and fish.
    • The Masai, Samburu, and Rendille warriors of East Africa survived on diets consisting primarily of milk and meat.
    • The steppe nomads of Mongolia ate principally meat and dairy merchandise.
    • The Sioux of South Dakota loved a weight loss program of buffalo meat.
    • The Brazilian Gauchos nourished themselves with beef.

    These distinctive teams of individuals had been the themes of many severe medical investigations a number of a long time in the past, and there have been quite a few scientific articles written about their weight loss program and well being.

    Is there any analysis on Carnivorous Diets?

    Though scarce, analysis relating to plant-free diets is out there for everybody to see. Amber O’Hearn, for instance, revealed a paper stating that the diet can meet all micronutrient needs, including Vitamin C.

    Of specific curiosity, was a case sequence revealed in December of 2020 that reported five out of six subjects starting a carnivore diet resolved their small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

    One other article on the results of a Palaeolithic Ketogenic Eating regimen (PKD) on serum magnesium ranges showed normal levels in all but one person, and reports of leg cramping resolving on PKD (which can be triggered by magnesium deficiency).

    Finally, although but unpublished, researchers from Harvard College, Dr Belinda Lennerz and Dr David Ludwig, have begun work on “the most important modern-day ‘carnivore’ research so far”. Though it isn’t thought-about a randomised management trial, the web survey-based research goals to gather well being info, together with blood checks, from people following a carnivorous weight loss program for at the very least six months. (Dr Baker speaks about this within the interview under). This research will proceed all through 2021.

    GCT’s Way of life Journalist Despina Karp sat down nearly with Dr Shawn Baker to debate all issues Carnivore Eating regimen.

    Dr Baker takes Despina by means of subjects like:

    1. What precisely is the Carnivore Eating regimen?
    2. Why the Carnivore Eating regimen cops a variety of flak, particularly amongst vegans
    3. Why it gained’t trigger colon most cancers or coronary heart illness,
    4. How meat can remedy persistent sicknesses.
    5. Who the Carnivore Eating regimen works finest for?
    6. How the Carnivore Eating regimen doesn’t trigger constipation, and if it does, you’re doing the weight loss program mistaken.
    7. Why fixed bloating isn’t regular, and why influencers ‘normalising bloating’ is harmful.
    8. How a lot meat do you want?
    9. Does Metformin break your intestine?
    10. How he stumbled upon the Carnivore Way of life
    11. Why he’s by no means felt higher than now, in his 50’s
    12. Why chopping out ALL PROCESSED meals is important, even when you can’t persist with a Carnivore Eating regimen
    13. How lengthy to do the Carnivore Eating regimen for earlier than anticipating outcomes.
    14. Why IBS is so prevalent in at this time’s society
    15. Does the Carnivore Eating regimen work for each tradition?
    16. Is consuming meat unhealthy for the surroundings?

    It could sound loopy and controversial, however there are quite a few research and a whole bunch of testimonies from people who swear their lives have been changed by a Carnivore elimination weight loss program.

    Dr Baker recommends that when you endure from any form of persistent downside, “on the very least, minimize out all sugar, processed grains and vegetable oils if you wish to heal your physique”, then if that’s not working, “attempt a paleo or KETO weight loss program”. If that’s nonetheless not working, then it’s best to contemplate a Carnivore Eating regimen.

    Learn extra about Dr Shawn Baker here and be taught extra concerning the Carnivore Eating regimen here and here.

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