How To Start Mediterranean Diet Food Plan

How to start Mediterranean Diet Food Plan

Hello dear friends welcome to another post of losing weight with i can stay fit. In todays post, I bring to you the basic way to start Mediterranean diet in order for you to lose weight.

The Gains Of Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet has helped and is still helping millions of people around the world to lose weight and not only that, it also helps to fight diseases of all kinds, read the whole post to know how to start and be able to practice it.

There are many people who have benefited from this diet and believe me, you will not be an exception after you finish reading this post and I invite you to visit this website regularly to read new recipes, exercises, recommendations and more.

Monday Mediterranean Diet Food Plan

Well without wasting much of your time, let's start with this 7 day menu starting from the first day of the week, which is Monday.

During Monday breakfast it is advised you opt for a glass of almond milk a slice of whole wheat bread with cheese mozzarella and a mandarin.
You can also top it off with a yogurt snack natural with almonds and honey.

During lunch, a fish soup with rice wholemeal and a grilled beef steak with green sauce with carrots.

Then take a snack bar of cereals.

Dinner is usually one of important time to watch what you eat, so its advised you consider taking in vegetables Gratin without stuff of grilled beef and orange juice at this time.

Tuesday Mediterranean Diet Food Plan

Now lets move on to Tuesday Mediterranean diet food plan.

For breakfast on a tuesday morning, you should have a cup of coffee with milk plus 2 hard boiled eggs with red sauce and avocado with cheese on.

For snacks, you should opt for bread sticks with carrot cream.

Now for lunch, Two potatoes stewed with garlic and spinach strips of turkey lettuce sauced with bell peppers of 3 colors and an apple of your favorite color should be great.

For the afternoon snack, a bread with garlic and cream cheese would be enough.

Dinner on a day like tuesday should consist of brussels sprouts stewed in cream vegetable and fruit salad to taste and a natural yogurt with banana chips on

Wednesday Diet Food Plan

So for Wednesday breakfast, a glass of milk and muesli with pieces of kiwi snack plus a cup of coffee with milk and a mini sardine sandwich, would do.

For lunch, A stew of carrots, garlic and salmon with a cup of fish broth and two tangerines.

For your afternoon snacks, you can have a natural yogurt with green grapes.

Now for dinner, you need a vegetable soup with shrimp stew and a pear of your favorite color.

Thursday Diet Plan

Thursday for breakfast, you should take 1 glass of milk a sandwich of cheese with turkey ham and a slice of pineapple.
While your snack should be a cup of oatmeal with milk.

For lunch, salad lettuce with green apple cucumber and grapefruit juice drizzle, you can we also have chicken with carrots and an apple puree. Then for snack, you can have one pear infusion

For Thursday dinner, take braised cabbages with green pepper, a broccoli omelette with mixed lettuce and a kiwi.

Friday Mediterranean Diet Food Plan

Friday for breakfast, take a cup of coffee with milk and two toasts with ham cooked and for snack, take a plum juice.

For lunch take three tablespoons of green rice, five ounces of turkey with potatoes and an orange and for snacks take two toasts with apple and honey.

Then for dinner a beet salad with cheese chicken strips stewed with chili green, add hard carrot and a natural yogurt.

Saturday Diet Food Plan

Saturday breakfast should be a cup of coffee with milk and a whole wheat bread with cocoa, for the snack, take a fruit skewer to your liking and at lunch, opt for spinach sauced with cabbage and carrot plus 5 ounces of tuna and Banana balls bathed with almonds.

For snacks, a cooked banana would do.

Then for dinner, scrambled egg, cauliflower cream and various vegetables plus bread, rice and a glass of coconut milk is enough.

Sunday Mediterranean Diet Food Plan

For Sunday which is our last day of this weekly menu we will have for breakfast a cup of coffee with milk, two breads toasted with banana and cinnamon and a melon juice.

Then for lunch, we will have turkey with potatoes and tomato sauce, homemade vegetable cream and for the snack, we will have an apple with cinnamon and finally at dinner on we will have a cup of beef broth stewed beef with green sauce and boiled brussels sprouts.

This is the weekly menu for Mediterranean diet food plan that will help you lose weight.

I highly recommend this diet because it is very healthy, it is very varied and has all the necessary components that can help you lose weight easily.

As a very important clarification, friends, I want to tell you that the people who suffer from a complicated illness, consult your doctor before starting this process in your change of diet please consult with your GP to see if this diet is recommended for you and that it does not affect the disease or affect your medical condition.

For the people who do not have complicated diseases I recommend that you follow this diet food plan.

See you next time


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